All under control!

Show site security check; Fairpromotion has it all under control @ Sanya show site

Still going strong!

Afternoon siësta break for the Chinese crew during setup; but Fairpromotion is still going strong

Ready for Sanya?

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Script check? Sun cream check? Anti-insect spray check? English-Mandarin dictionary check? Flight check (in)? Visa check (sorry, you are probably a bit too late to arrange that now or it will cost you a fortune;)…)?, Hotel transfer check? Cash ChineseRead more

Sneak Preview Sanya!

We hope to provide you with many many more tips & tricks at the show, or in a Sanya karaoke bar;)… Look out for our complete Sanya leisure guide (printed version! as Facebook and China are still not best friends…).

Get ready for Sanya!

Looks pretty amazing, right? We will be there next week:). Although we are not sure we will get the chance to see this lovely view. And we will definitely NOT be on that sun bed. HOWEVER it is a fact thatRead more

Goodbye Dubai!

Hopefully you are not this exhausted…Check-in online = less time on the airport!

Famous Dubai brunch!

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In Dubai the weekend has started! Except for hard working boat show exhibitors. So before opening of the show at 3pm spoil yourself with a famous Friday Dubai brunch; Try Bubbalicious @ Westin

Tip & trick Dubai

In desperate need of a quick break for a refreshing drink and bite just a few steps away from your stand? #barasti